You need to know the truth

In some cases, you may be told by your distributor that MTG catheters are on backorder, discontinued, etc., in an effort to get you to try other more profitable brands, or you might be asked to use ordinary catheters and insertion kits. If you have any questions concerning MTG product status please call us at (888)-511-4239. Rarely if ever, are we on backorder, nor do we discontinue popular catheter products.

Our original company, MMG Healthcare (MMG) was the pioneer of closed system, urinary intermittent catheters in the late 1980’s. Our goal was to improve ordinary catheters and address recurrent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) risk. Most urethral bacteria are located in the meatus and the initial 1.5cm of the distal urethra. In our MMG catheter, a soft, silicone introducer tip shielded the catheter from those bacteria, effectively allowing nine-times fewer bacteria to reach the bladder. Several rehabilitation hospitals across the U.S. and Canada studied the effect of introducer tip-inclusive catheters.  In every one of those clinical evaluations, recurrent UTIs were significantly reduced when compared to other methods of sterile and clean intermittent catheterization.

After the results from those catheter studies were released, and in some cases published, sales of MMG closed system catheters soared. In 1994 Medicare established a reimbursement code for coverage of closed system intermittent catheters, so that beneficiaries to the system could access this breakthrough technology. Two years later, after much discussion between Medicare officials, doctors, and patients criteria were established for use of closed system catheters. Those requirements for use are basically unchanged today.

However, we believe certain parties have abused the original intent of the reimbursement code. The clinical studies proved the reduction in incidence of UTI was primarily due to the silicone tip shielding the catheter from contaminating organisms. Today, some providers supply standard catheters and “insertion kits”, and bill the insurer under the same reimbursement code as closed system catheters. An insertion kit will contain an antiseptic, lubricant packet, gloves, and an underpad. Our MTG kits also include those supplies, plus a sterile closed system, pre-lubricated catheter with introducer tip, and urine collection bag. Since the cost for procuring the ordinary catheter and insertion kit is significantly less, and since the reimbursement code is paid at the same rate regardless of the product provided, profits are higher if less expensive products are supplied.  We believe you need to know the truth about what you are getting versus what the insurer is paying.

At MTG, we have incorporated the critical, soft, silicone introducer tip, adding it into our entirely new line of closed system catheters. We have improved advancement of the catheter tube, developed more user-friendly packaging, and created a self-catheterization device that those with poor dexterity can utilize.

If you are experiencing recurrent UTIs using ordinary catheters, with or without insertion kits, you should consider closed system intermittent catheters with introducer tips. Don’t settle for less. For more information, please contact us.

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